Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (S.U.B)

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The following are answers to Frequently asked Questions about our Supplemental Unemployment Benefits.


Similar to short work benefits, temporary lay-off (S.U.B) benefits are automatic and made payable without application, for active members on Layoff who have no scheduled Vacation.

Therefore, members on lay-off are not required to apply with paper applications attached to pay stubs or through the computer kiosk stations throughout the plant.

SUB benefits are made payable through direct deposit.

Seniority required for (S.U.B) payment. 

On the last day of work, you had five (5) years of seniority.

Amount of (S.U.B) payment

A S.U.B Benefit payable to an eligible Employee for any Week shall be an amount which, when added to his/her Employment Insurance Benefit (estimated at $573.00 gross) and Other Compensation, will equal 65% of his/her Weekly Straight Time Pay.

Note: The following deductions are made from S.U.B benefits, Optional Life Insurance deductions, Family Responsibility Obligations (FRO) and Union Dues. Which explains why payments can vary from week to week.

In Solidarity,

Paul Ivey

Unifor Local 707, Unit #1 Benefit Representative