Chassis Committee Person Report

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Marc Brennan  Chassis Committeeperson

Brothers and Sisters,

Receiving the news that starting in August, Oakville Assembly Plant will be losing the #1 shift in the Paint Shop and there will be the loss of many relief jobs in the Final Assembly area is concerning and infuriating.  There are many questions our members rightfully need answers to.  Since the announcement, the In-Plant Committee and myself have been in meetings trying to argue to retain as many jobs as possible. To ensure that as the company implements the changes to our production schedule, and they follow our collective language.

The operating schedule in Chassis and all of Final will change as of August 5th.  Chassis and all of final will be on a 10-hour schedule with the start times being 6am for the #2 shift and 5:30pm for the #3 shift.

As of August 5th, Chassis will be on mass-relief except in areas indicated (In-Sourcing, Chassis 5 & 5B, Tire Room, Toe-In, Rolls Test, New Vehicle Drivers zone M).   Originally the company did not plan on relieving the Toe-In, Rolls Test, and New Vehicle Drivers in zone M.  After discussions with the company outlining the importance of the jobs and the overall negative effect that reducing those relief jobs would have the company agreed to retain those specific relief jobs on both the A and B shift in Chassis.

As the reduction of relief people takes place those with the greatest amount of seniority in the classification effected by the reduction will be retained in their classification.  Those relief people who will not have the seniority to maintain the relief classification will be reduced out of the classification and be given an open job list in accordance with our reduction language as laid out in Article 15:31 of our CBA as well as page 49 and 53 of Exhibit B (Oakville).   It is important to realize that each individual who will be reduced will be in a unique situation based on what their previous department and classification was prior to being reduced as well as what their Plant seniority is.

The company also notified the Union that they believe the actions they are taking to change the operating schedule here at Oakville Assembly Plant will result in 185 indefinite layoffs.  Our layoff language can be found in Article 15:33 of our CBA.  Rightfully so many of our junior members have been inquiring as to where they stand on the seniority list.  Our Stewards have been and will continue to address the questions you have.

Marc Brennan                                                                                                                        Unifor Local 707                                                                                                                              Chassis Committeeperson                                                                                                            Extn. 3335                                                                                                                                    1(289)681-7654