Presidents Message- August 19, 2019


President – Local 707

Brothers and Sisters:

It is with great sadness that I must report today Ford Motor Company has notified us tomorrow they will be handing out the first 50 notifications of indefinite layoffs effective September 2nd 2019.

We as a local union have been doing everything possible to try and stave off these notifications but the company is adamant to move forward with these layoffs. The original plan laid out to us was to notify 185 members all at once of an impending layoff but constant pressure from the leadership has convinced them of the fallout from such a big number. They have since reconsidered and plan to hand out notifications in increments of 50. The leadership will continue to do our utmost to not only curb the total number of members indefinitely laid off but also try to return our members back to work as soon as possible. The majority of members being affected from this layoff are on the A-shift.

To those members affected by these layoffs I can only offer the support of all your Union Brothers and Sisters of Local 707. Most of us have been through these same scenarios at one time or another throughout our careers at Ford. Hopefully the layoff does not last long and everyone will be recalled shortly.

Vice President Mark Sciberras and Benefit Rep Paul Ivey are working with government officials and Labor Relations scheduling an EI seminar for those members being affected. Dates and times will be released as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to call me at any time should you need anything my door is always open

In Solidarity

Dave Thomas

President Unifor Local707

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