Body Shop December Update

December 2021

Brothers & Sisters,

Since the introduction of the Company’s mandatory vaccination policy there has been an increase in complaints and conflicts amongst our members. We all need to keep focused on the fact that this policy is a Company Policy.

All members are experiencing a high level of anxiety since the outbreak of the pandemic, March 2020.

Financial strain brought on by excessive layoffs, family associated issues caused by this pandemic, mental health issues, isolation etc. have been a burden on all of us.

This issue, by far has been the most polarizing our members have faced. Regardless of where your opinion lies with this policy, please let us show empathy, compassion and understanding to our co-workers. Don’t let this policy tear our solidarity apart as they are the same people you knew prior to the introduction of the Company’s Policy.

As discussions and arguments regarding this policy are ongoing, with the Union maintaining that we do not want to see any of our members terminated as a result of this policy, no one at this time can predict the outcome regarding this portion of the Company’s policy. Although we have received a lot of correspondence regarding if the policy is fair and reasonable.

The only path that the Union has, in matters of discipline and if policies are fair and reasonable is the grievance procedure. If a grievance is unsuccessful at the Local stages, the matter would proceed to binding arbitration. Thus far, based on current arbitration awards related to workplace vaccine policies, the majority has sided with the employer.


In Solidarity,

Keith Grist – Body


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