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Chassis Committee Person Report

July 23, 2019

Brothers and Sisters, Receiving the news that starting in August, Oakville Assembly Plant will be losing the #1 shift in the Paint Shop and there will be the loss of many relief jobs in the Final Assembly area is concerning and infuriating.  There are many questions our members rightfully need answers to.  Since the announcement,… Read More ›

Chassis Committee person report-April 2019

Brothers and Sisters, On February 14th John Savon the Vice President of North American Manufacturing was in the Plant.  Dave Thomas, Mark Luey and myself had an opportunity to meet with John to discuss the current state and future state of the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant.  Among the topics discussed was the challenges that the… Read More ›

Chassis Committee Person Report – January 2019

Brothers and Sisters, Since the start of the New Year there has been a lot going on in the Chassis department.  The Final Area that includes Trim and Chassis have a new area manager Kyle Cruji.   I have had regular discussions with Kyle regarding the Chassis departments manpower issues and we have been working to… Read More ›

Chassis Committee Person Report – December 2018

Brothers and Sisters, Overtime The plant will be canvassing to run production every day until December 23rd.  The company will be canvassing our members to work Saturday December 15th, Sunday December 16th,  Saturday December 22nd and Sunday December 23rd.  These production dates are voluntary so the choice will be yours to work or not. During… Read More ›

Chassis Committee Person Report – November 2018

RTO Chassis has a current RTO (required to operate) number of 436 for #2 shift and 433 for the #3 shift.  The current number of on roll chassis members is over 540 people per shift.  These numbers exclude Chassis PTS, small tools, Pre-delivery drivers.   Job Disputes Although it is mid-November and the 100 day… Read More ›