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OAC Plant Chairperson Report- May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020

Brothers and Sisters: On Monday March 23, 2020 our plant shutdown due to Covid – 19 over the course of the shutdown our In-Plant Committee, Health and Safety representative, Plant management and National Union have been working tirelessly around the clock to put safety protocols/processes in place to protect every person who enters our facility…. Read More ›

O.A.C Plant Chairperson Report- May 12th, 2020

Brothers and Sisters: I hope that this update finds all our members healthy and well. I would like to thank all of the members that have reached out to me during this Pandemic with well wishes and encouragement. Covid-19: As everyone is aware due to Covid-19 many rules and regulations have been put in place… Read More ›

Presidents Report- Indefinite Lay-off Recalls and Work opportunities-May 11th 2020.

Sisters and Brothers, The Ford Motor Company has indicted they expect to recall some of our members that were indefinitely laid-off on Monday February 3rd, in seniority order. Possibly in June as we resume production at the Oakville Assembly Complex. How long the work opportunity will last, is not known. However, it may provide a… Read More ›

Local Master Bargining Committee UPDATE- May 8th 2020

Brothers and Sisters, As Local Leadership we continue to share accurate information as it becomes available. Today the company has announced that they expect to begin a return to production and will be updating our members with Robocalls over the next few days.  Production at Oakville Assembly Complex will resume as follows: Skilled Trades Starting… Read More ›

Local Master Bargining Committee UPDATE- April 30th 2020-

Brothers and Sisters: We hope that this update finds all our members healthy and well. Keep in mind that any and all information shared with our members in these updates are subject to change due to the ever-evolving nature of recommendations and requirements because of Covid-19. Although the Provincial Government deemed manufacturing an essential business,… Read More ›

Local Master Bargining Committee UPDATE- April 27th- Health & Safety, Return to Work and O.A.C Facebook page

Health and Safety & Return to work Over the last few weeks Ford has been working with Unifor to establish Health & Safety protocols for all its Canadian facilities. In preparation for the eventual restart of production at Oakville Assembly Complex, your Local Union Leadership In-Plant Committee and Safety Representatives have also been in ongoing… Read More ›

Local Master Bargaining Committee UPDATE-Production/C.E.R.B/Holiday Pay-April 8th 2020

Brothers and Sisters, During this difficult time, we hope that everyone is staying safe and doing their part to help flatten the curve.  To this point we are happy to report that we have not been notified of any members of Local 707 or their family being diagnosed with covid-19.  It has been reported that… Read More ›

Step 2- Employment Insurance Reporting Guide-April 4, 2020

Brothers and Sisters, There are two steps involved in receiving (Regular) Employment Insurance Benefits, while on lay-off. Step 1– Is to apply for (Regular) Employment Insurance with an online application and use our reference code (found on our website) Step 2- Four or Five days after you have submitted your application, you will receive a… Read More ›

Unifor Local 707

Local Master Bargaining Committee UPDATE- PRODUCTION SHUTDOWN CONTINUES at Oakville Assembly Complex- March 31st, 2020

Brothers and Sisters, Today the company has announced that they plan to further postpone production at the Oakville Assembly Complex, to an undetermined date. However, they have indicated they will be updating our members with a robo-call  and another robo-call when we are expected to return. Again we will share any further accurate details as… Read More ›

Unifor Local 707- Notice of Election Run-off postponed until June 17th, 2020

Brothers & Sisters, After the ballots were counted during our most recent triennial election on March 18th, 2020 , it was revealed in accordance with the Constitution and our Local by-laws that we would be required to conduct a Local 707 run-off election for the following elected positions; (1) Trustee Guide Sergeant of Arms and… Read More ›