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Skilled Trades Chairperson’s Report- February 2019

Mark LueyBrothers and Sisters,


At long last the successful candidates for the Ford-Unifor apprenticeship program have been selected and contacted by the Company. The successful candidates will start March 4, 2019 in their selected trade. They will be in orientation training for up to six weeks and then will be assigned to their shift rotation and department. To ensure the best possible training, all apprentices will be rotated through all departments at an interval still to be decided by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. The JAC should be commended for a job well done. The process has been long and convoluted but they stuck with it even when things were not exactly how they wanted. There were many obstacles to overcome and some very heated discussions took place. When language is negotiated it is only as good as the implementation and thanks to the JAC, I am pleased to say Credibility and Integrity was second to none throughout the process. The best interests of the program were always the focus. This is a process everyone should be proud of and one this Local union intends to build on. Thank you again to all those that gave of their time and energies to make it work. I would also like to encourage those not successful in this first intake to continue to pursue future opportunities. Participation is what makes the program successful. The successful candidates for the first intake are:

  1. Sarah Buettemeyer
  2. Prabhjot Guraya
  3. Jacqueline Murchison
  4. Jason Drydak
  5. Riley Frasson
  6. Darren Wright
  7. John Bombay
  8. Gabrieli Tesorio
  9. Daniel Fitzpatrick
  10. Joanne Farmer
  11. Victoria Bombay
  12. Jacob Tretter
  13. Michael De Matos
  14. Jatinderpal Samra
  15. Lucas Noegroho
  16. Ricky Sheorattan
  17. Andre Gyorgyjakab
  18. Kenzie Crossman


Congratulations to all these candidates. You have made a choice that will benefit you and your families for a lifetime. Apply yourselves as you did for the selection process and each of you will be successful.


This was negotiated along with the apprenticeship program to benefit both licensed journey people and the apprentice. The program has yet to be developed but will be delivered as a peer training process. It is important that we as a Skilled Tradespeople effectively transfer our knowledge and skills to the apprentice. This is what Skilled Trades is about and is a proven way of training, developed as far back as biblical times. New technologies are always being introduced and continually changing so the amount of learning is a daily occurrence. The mentorship training is meant to assist the journeyperson to effectively communicate with the apprentice and vice versa. This will be a new program so all are excited to see it being delivered.

Appendix T

The Skilled Trades have been performing a considerable amount of work for many months and have been working long hours to complete it all. The number of contracting requirements will begin to subside and the need for Appendix T canvass sheets will come to an end as of March 3, 2019. This is at the time of writing this report and everyone knows this business changes constantly. The union meets every Tuesday to discuss upcoming projects and workloads so things can and will probably change. There is always maintenance to perform and when projects, rebalance and work stations rearrangements subside it is a good time to do regular and required maintenance. This is always dictated by finances but if the Company was really interested in productivity and quality, the machinery and equipment would be first priority!


The Company is continuing to hire in all trades and are conducting interviews daily for prospective candidates. If you know anyone looking for a Skilled Trades job and they meet the requirements under Article 1 of the Collective Agreement please have them hand in all documentation to Labour Relations. The amount of retirements are starting to increase again and most I am not able to report as they have not taken place yet but I would like to wish the best to Imants Jansons (Elect) and Keith Smedley (Pipe) who have decided to enter the next phase of their life and retire.



Mark Luey

Unifor Local 707 Skilled Trades Chairperson

(905) 845 2511

Ex: 3352


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