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President’s Message – D-J Composites

Brothers and Sisters:
Five years ago when Unifor was formed the main focus of our new union was to change the labour movement. I have attended many support rallies and picket lines over the years in representing the membership in different roles throughout my career. None more satisfying as the one I had the pleasure to attend in Gander Newfoundland last week. A call letter came out a couple weeks ago explaining the unfair labour practices D-J Composites was inflicting on their workforce. They have been on strike for 92 weeks. Think about that sisters and brothers that’s almost 650 days of constant picketing and battling with a company that obviously had no interest in settling a fair collective agreement with its workers. The time had come for the united power of Unifor to take center stage and support our brothers and sisters at Local 597 in Gander Newfoundland. Unifor rallied over 400 members into Gander took over D-J Composites and made sure the use of scab labour was never going to happen again. I am extremely proud to say after 9 days of 24 hour picketing with the help of Premier Dwight Ball ( better late than never what took so long ) and the pressure of 315,000 Unifor members from coast to coast to coast D-J Composites has agreed to binding arbitration. Finally this sets the stage to conclude this almost 2 year injustice for those workers. I would like to thank Brother Mark Luey, Steve Gebel, Sister Janet Creet and Sister Sarah Cox for putting their personal lives on hold in such short notice to join me in Gander to show 707 support. Congratulations Unifor job well done. For more info, stories and pictures on the Gander rally please visit my twitter site at;
Dave Thomas@president707
In Solidarity
Dave Thomas
President Unifor Local 707

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