Oakville Ontario, CANADA

President’s Message – Fall Layoff

Message from the President.

Brothers and Sisters:         

As I’m sure you all know by now OAC has announced that effective October 1st 2018 until October 8th 2018 production will be suspended. Production has been cancelled due to an engineering problem with tailgates and also parts shortages.  I have received many of your calls and emails, telling me this is not a market driven layoff therefore we should be paid short work week. The market driven layoff language was negotiated by Brother Buzz Hargrove back in 2002 and was only pertaining to the closure of the Ontario Truck Plant. That language was not pertinent after the closure of OTP and subsequent bargaining in September 2005.

While I understand the frustration of the membership, this is strictly a parts and engineering problem that caused this lay off. Hopefully these issues are resolved quickly, so we can get back to doing what we do best and that’s assembling world class vehicles.

Sisters and Brothers please do not pay heed to the few members on Social Media who post fictional information. Speak to your reps, download the phone app or go to the webpage for accurate information.

Employment Insurance updates including the New Reference code will be posted on our Website on Monday October 1st.

I will keep you posted as the situation progresses.                       

In Solidarity.                                                         

Dave Thomas                                                

President Unifor Local 707