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S.U.B. & E.I. Filling Procedures

Employment Insurance and S.U.B Application Procedures

The purpose of this notification is to provide the necessary information to file for Employment Insurance Benefits for:

The very small Minority of active Unifor Local 707 Unit #1 member’s that started the calendar year with 64 hours or less of vacation entitlement and therefore have 24 hours or less remaining this scheduled vacation shutdown period, you may apply for EI for:  PP18/33 for the week beginning Sunday August 5th to Saturday August 11th 2018.


The Majority of active Unifor Local 707 Unit#1 members affected by the one week Mass Lay-off for:

PP18/34 for the week beginning Sunday August 12th to Saturday August 18th 2018

(Read the following information very carefully, so that you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for Employment Insurance and SUB)

If you have been without work and without pay for at least seven consecutive days for one or both of the weeks listed above you may apply to start an Employment Insurance claim.

Note: If you are working, in receipt of Holiday pay, Vacation pay, Sickness and Accident or WSIB payments during BOTH these weeks PP18/33, and PP18/34 do not apply for Employment Insurance to start a claim at this time.


Online Automotive Employment Insurance Application

If you do not have an existing Employment Insurance claim or the claim has gone dormant because you have not continued your Bi-weekly reports, you will be required to apply for Employment Insurance online for the weeks of our scheduled mass lay off. The application can be completed up to 1 week in advance, but must be completed no later than 2 weeks after a layoff.

Employment Insurance is and has always been a government program administrated by a federal branch currently known as Service Canada, which determines how the unemployed in Canada apply and receive benefits based on the Employment Insurance Act. Service Canada determines how application is made by a claimant, which is why it is your responsibility to apply for Employment Insurance online using Service Canada’s Automotive Employment Insurance Application with the reference code below.

Reference Code

To ensure that your on-line application is processed at our designated Service Canada branch it is very important that you answer YES to the question asking if you are part of a group lay off situation and “were you given a reference code to submit this application?” Enter the New reference code exactly as indicated below.


To Complete an Application On-Line go to:       www.servicecanada.gc.ca

Once on the Service Canada Website click “English” then once on the appropriate page click on “Employment Insurance Benefits” then,” Regular Benefits” then “Apply”.

Note: Should you have problems finding the web page, do a “Google” search for “Application for Employment Insurance Benefits Online”. Prior to starting your E.I. Application you should know or have:

  1. Required personal information for the EI application

You will be asked for, and should have on hand, your Social Insurance Number, the correct spelling of your Mother’s maiden name (last name upon her birth) and any banking information for direct deposit purposes, this is optional and only necessary if the information  has changed since last in receipt of benefits, or if not set up with Service Canada.

  1. Required employment information for the EI application

The Ford Motor Company of Canada will submit a Record of Employment (ROE) electronically to Service Canada on your behalf; therefore you do not need to request copies from the Ford Motor Company.

  1. Reactivating or terminating a previous EI claim

If you already have started and established an Employment Insurance claim for benefits within the past 52 weeks and there are weeks still payable, that claim will automatically be reactivated when you complete the EI application online.

  1. The Privacy Notice Statement / start your EI application

Read the privacy statement and scroll down the page and “Click” Start Application

Note: This Notice will be posted online Thursday August 2nd, 2018 at www.uniforlocal707.org click on “Union Reps” then “Service Reps” then “Benefits Office” with further detailed step by step instructions on how to complete the “Application for Employment Insurance Benefits Online”.

If after completing  the Application for Employment Insurance Benefits online, you have any questions or concerns regarding your E.I. claim or application you can access your E.I. account online by signing up for a My Service Canada Account . If you still have concerns you may find it necessary to call the inquiry line at    1-800-206-7218 or visit your local community Service Canada Centre, if you speak to a Service Canada agent be sure to provide our reference code attached to ensure you receive the information that pertains to our Automotive Employment Insurance application.


Shortly after you complete the online Automotive Employment Insurance Application you will receive a four digit (PAC) Personal Access Code # in the mail, to use for completing your reports either by phone or online. It is important to complete your reports, for all the time you were laid -off, in a timely manner.

On the Internet go to www.servicecanada.gc.ca .Once on the Service Canada Website click “English” then “Employment Insurance Benefits” then,” Send your report by Internet”.

Note: This Notice will be posted online Thursday August 2nd, 2018 at www.uniforlocal707.org click on “Union Reps” then “Service Reps” then “Benefits Office” with further detailed step by step instructions on how to complete an, “Internet Employment Insurance Report”.

After completing your Bi-weekly reports to establish Employment Insurance waiting periods and/or receive Employment Insurance Benefits for your scheduled lay-off period, it will not be necessary to continue reporting for periods beyond the time you have returned to work. Therefore to stop your Bi- Weekly reports you should indicate that you started a Full Time job for the week beginning Sunday August 19th to August 25th 2018 and the date you started Full Time work which should be August 20th 2018.

If you are laid-off again within the next 52 week period you can re-apply again by completing an Employment Insurance application online, to either re-start your claim or begin a new claim. Then Service Canada would once again send your PAC and allow you to report that specific period of unemployment through Bi-weekly reports.


For employees, who on his/her last day of work had five (5) years of Seniority.

Similar to short work week benefits, temporary lay-off (S.U.B) benefits will be automatic and made payable without application, for active members on Lay off who have no scheduled Vacation.

Therefore members who are on a temporary lay off will not be required to apply with paper applications or through the computer kiosk stations through out the plant.

SUB benefits are made payable through the same direct deposit information provided for your weekly Company pay.

However if you are working, absent from your normal place of residence, out of the country or for any reason are not applying for Employment Insurance Benefits, it will be your responsibility to contact Oakville Assembly Complex Human Resources department and inform them you do not wish to have your SUB application processed during any Scheduled lay off period.

The Ford Motor Company will later conduct an Employment Insurance Audit after the lay off periods, and any member who is found collecting SUB benefits without applying for Employment Insurance Benefits will have to pay any and all SUB benefits back in full to the Ford Motor Company.

Things to Remember about Employment Insurance and Supplemental Unemployment Benefits:

  • Report any Holiday or Vacation payment in the week it is allocated. Therefore you will report Vacation hours as worked (even though this is Vacation pay) and declare the exact dollar amount of your gross earnings for the week that your Vacation Pay is allocated. This can be calculated by taking your hourly rate plus any COLA and multiplying this number by the number of Vacation hours scheduled that week.
  • For members who qualify, No Supplemental Unemployment Benefits(SUB) are paid for the week an individual establishes Employment Insurance Waiting Period #1
  • There is a one week waiting period that must be served before any Employment Insurance Benefits are payable
  • For any week you are attempting to establish the required Employment Insurance waiting period, earnings will be deducted dollar for dollar from your first Employment Insurance payment, if during this time your gross income exceeds $547.00 you will not be eligible to establish an Employment Insurance or SUB waiting period and/or receive a SUB payment.
  • To be eligible for Regular Employment Insurance and SUB benefits you must be ready willing and able to work from Monday to Friday.
  • It is your responsibility to correct any errors you might have made while reporting to Employment Insurance, the quickest and easiest way to correct these errors is to contact the Service Canada Telecentre 1-800-206-7218, failing to do so could result in fraud charges and fines.
  • From Monday to Friday you are responsible to report any absences from your region to Employment Insurance, failing to do so could result in fraud charges and fines

To apply for Unemployment Insurance visit  this link

Paul Ivey

UNIFOR Local 707 unit# 1 Benefit Representative