Oakville Ontario, CANADA

707 Retirees’ Report

707 Retirees’ Chapter Report

By Arnie De Vaan

Retirees are very active in social justice and fighting for rights not only within our own  nion but also on rights involving Municipal, Provincial and Federal politics. We attend demonstrations at places like Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill to show that we want change. We also lobby governments through groups such as National Pensioners, United Senior Citizens of Ontario, Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, Ontario Federation of Union retirees as well as our Unifor Retiree Council in Port Elgin. To the lobby groups we send delegates to debate resolutions that go to our union, government or specific groups. We also have opportunities to talk to politicians face to face to tackle issues at hand. Issues like pharmacare, health care, long term care to name a few. Our retirees’ chapter attends rallies and demonstrations by bus. These political actions do many things on your behalf, which benefit you as a retiree. It also benefits active members of our union that may be receiving strike support from us in conjunction with the National office. Our actions also benefit future retirees. Most recently we have sent a bus to Queen’s Park regarding long term care as well as a bus to support Casino workers in Windsor while on strike. Our 707 retirees manned these buses. All these actions take energy and money that comes from our retiree dues. We do all this on your $3 of dues. For those who contribute $3 per month from their monthly Ford Motor Company Pension to the Retiree’s Chapter, I would like to thank you. For those who do not contribute $3 per month and have retired after 2012 and have chosen to receive their Company Retirement in form of a Commuted Value Lump Sum payment we have now made an option available to pay Union dues. The form “Retired Workers Authorization for Union Dues” on the following page can be removed from the 707 Reporter, completed with appropriate payment then be mailed or returned to the Unifor Local 707 Union hall. Please do not mail cash. Please Note: If you are in receipt of a monthly Ford Motor Company Retirement Pension you would not use this form. I would like to thank all the retirees who participated by getting on the bus to support Local 444 casino workers as well as the retirees who rode the bus to Queen’s Park rally for Long Term Care. If you as a retiree would like to participate in future bus trips please contact me through Carol at the office or at my email arnie.devaan@gmail.com and also a huge thank you for those that took a active part in organizing those events. Well the Ontario election is now over and we have a PC government. The NDP will be the Official Opposition and holding the government’s feet to the fire. I see a lot of demonstrations at Queen’s Park in our future. In the past PC governments have not been kind to Labour. Our October Chapter meeting will be used to hold our Health Fair. We are well on the way on organizing this event and hope that you the retiree membership attend this worthwhile function. More as we progress. We are also planning a medical awareness event for after a meeting… down the road.